Tom Haugen's Reviews

ArtistAlbumReview Date
Sarah ShannonDemo 982024-01-18
SeicheDemo Press2020-03-27
DetectiveDetective (2022 vinyl reissue)2022-11-05
TigerwineDie With Your Tongue Out2018-04-16
Breelan AngelDirty Little Secrets 2014-07-23
Tony ValentinoDirty Water Revisited2023-10-21
Mike WexlerDispossession2012-03-22
Jackie And The TreehornsDo You Mind If I Wear A Clown Mask?2015-11-06
The RootsDo You Want More?!!!??! (Deluxe Vinyl Edition)2021-11-01
The Goodnight DarlingsDoll Drums2013-05-17
Midnight SpinDon't Let Me Sleep2013-06-06
Brett NewskiDon't Let The Bastards Get You Down2020-05-01
The SlackersDon't Let The Sunlight Fool Ya2022-08-27
Ruby BootsDon't Talk About It2018-04-04
ZephrDon't Worry About It2020-11-27
DownDown IV Part II 2014-07-04
Young GalaxyDown Time2019-06-07
Big FrenchDowntown Runnin 2013-11-06
Grace GravityDream Analog2020-06-19
Jack IronsDreamer's Ball/Walnut2024-03-01
Louise DistrasDreams From The Factory Floor2015-07-30
Drug CabinDrug Cabin (EP)2012-09-28
Bad LuckDrug Phase2019-04-22
Suzi MoonDumb & In Luv2023-02-24
Eamon RaDunce Witch Snowman2024-04-05
All Them WitchesDying Surfer Meets His Maker2017-04-26

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Tom Haugen's Articles

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