2014: Tom's Top Five

by Tom Haugen

Banner Pilot – Souvenir

Though not as immediately memorable as their earlier work, these Minneapolis punks have greater lasting power on their most diverse album to date. If outfits like Jawbreaker, Against Me, Alkaline Trio, or Dillinger Four are in your interests, Souvenir should be, too.




Various Artists While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years Of Bloodshot Records

The list of artists on this compilation is nothing short of mouthwatering, and the concept of the artists covering songs from the early days of Bloodshot Records is clever. Four of the best songs from the first Ryan Adams album are reworked here, as well as excellent contributions from Chuck Ragan, Mike Watt, and Frank Turner to name a few. But all you really need to hear is Superchunk's version of “Come Pick Me Up”...wow!


Frontier(s) – White Lights

Elliott/Falling Forward, Mouthpiece, and Stay Gold members join here for a post-hardcore supergroup that returns four years after their debut with an even better follow up. With its dark, crunchy, driving guitar rock and post-punk undertones, there is an incredible amount of mysterious beauty and power to be embraced here.





Eliot Bronson – Eliot Bronson

Everyone is clamoring on about the new Ryan Adams disc. I listened to it and it's great. But this fellow Bronson put out a similar album this year, only it's better. The genre of folksy, Americana singer-songwriter might be the most flooded out there. I'll save you a lot of time weeding through the mediocrity; just pick this up.




Pompeii – Loom

Austin is full of great indie rock, but few are better than this atmospheric, post-rock, and soaring rock album. Though it's been a half-decade since Pompeii's last release, this gem is more than worth the wait and illustrates how a band's ability to flow seamlessly into each subsequent track greatly impacts the listening experience.


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