D'Adamo, PaulDef LeppardDntel
D.O.A.Defog, TheDoctor Jazz's Universal Reme...
D.R.I.DeFrancesco, JoeyDog Fashion Disco
DaBluz CrewDeftonesDog Party
dadaDeGraw, GavinDog Society
Daft PunkDei, AgnusDokken
DAGDeicide, DarrenDolby, Thomas
Daisey, DerekDel AmitriDolenz, Micky
Dale, DickDel Ray, LanaDomino Kings, The
Dale, HeatherDel-Lords, TheDonelly, Tanya
Dali's DilemmaDelaney & BonnieDonnas, The
Daltrey, RogerDelbert & GlenDonora
DamitaDelcampo, ChetDonovan
Damnations TX, TheDeleriumDoobie Brothers, The
Damned, TheDeletedDoors, The
Dan And LelandDelta MoonDoro
Dandy Warhols, TheDemers, RickDot Hacker
Dangerous ToysDemons & WizardsDots Will Echo
DaniDenver And The Mile High Orc...Dotsun Moon
Dante Vs ZombiesDenver, JohndoubleDrive
DanzigDepeche ModeDoubtfire
Danzig, GlennDeptford GothDove, Ronnie
Dappled CitiesDerailers, TheDovetail
DarediabloDerek & The DominosDowd, Johnny
Darin, BobbyDescendentsDown
Dark ModelDesert DwellersDownie, Gordon
DarkbusterDeShannon, JackieDownload
Darkest HourDeslondes, TheDoyle, Josh
Darkness Dear BoyDessaDr. Dre
Darkness, TheDestiny's ChildDr. John
DarkseedDestrophyDr. Roberts
Dasa, MayesaDetachmentDrain S.T.H.
DatarockDevil Say DanceDrake
Datsuns, TheDevilheadDrake, Nick
Datura4DevoDramatics, The
DaughterDexter DangerDraw Tippy
DaughtryDexys Midnight RunnersDrawers, The
Dave Clark FiveDeynes, WilDrawing Flies
Davidson, ClayDiabolicalDread Motif
Davies, DaveDiamond, NeilDream Academy
Davies, DebbieDiane, AlelaDream Syndicate, The
Davies, RayDiCaprioDream The Electric Sleep
Davis, JasonDickerson, Deke (Deke Dicker...Dream Theater
Davis, MargaretDickinson, BruceDreamcar
Davis, MilesDiFebbo, JustinDreaming In Stereo
Dawg YawpDiFranco, AniDreams Of Damnation
Dax, DanielleDigDrifting In Silence
Day, DorisDigbyDrill 187
Day, SpencerDigital UndergroundDrive-By Truckers
Daydream VacationDiNicola, LeslieDrivin' N Cryin'
Dayne, TaylorDinosaur Jr.Droge, Pete
Days Between StationsDinosaur Pile-UpDrop The Fear
dB's, TheDioDropkick Murphys
dc TalkDionDrown
de Courtenay, AlainDion, CelineDrowner
De La SoulDire StraitsDrowning Pool
de Luque, AdaDirt Box DiscoDrug Cabin
Dead Can DanceDirty DeedsDrums, The
Dead CrossDirty Dozen Brass BandDrunk With Joy
Dead FlowersDirty Pretty ThingsDry Cell
Dead Horse TraumaDirty Projectors, TheDuarte, Chris
Dead KennedysDirty VegasDubliners, The
Dead Milkmen, TheDisarrayDuc'N It Easy
Dead Next DoorDisco DoomDuff, Hilary
Dead Nuggets DishDishwallaDuffey, John
Dead Of Night, TheDismal EuphonyDuhks, The
Dead StarsDismemberDuke, George
Deadbeats, TheDisposable Heroes Of Hiphopr...Duke, Patty
Deadstring BrothersDistance Formula, TheDump
Dean GrayDistillers, TheDuncan, C
Dear Hunter, TheDistras, LouiseDunphy, Dw
Dears, TheDisturbedDupre, Sophia Ramos
DeathDiversDuran Duran
Death Cab For CutieDivine Comedy, TheDurocs, The
Death From Above 1979Divine FitsDutch Uncles
Death Of LoversDiVinylsDyble, Judy
Debo BandDivision KentDylan, Bob
DebutDixie ChicksDynamics, The
December In RedDixie Dregs, TheDynamite Boy
Decemberists, TheDixon, PeterDyson, DK
Deee-LiteDJ Danger MouseDyson, Ronnie
Deep PurpleDJ ShadowDysrhythmia
Deep Sea DiverDMXDZ Deathrays
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