2022: Tom's Top Ten

by Tom Haugen

A great year for new music in my opinion, and a return to seeing live music for myself, i.e Jawbreaker/Smoking Popes/Dillinger 4, and Hanson/Allen, Mack, Myers & Moore (the latter being an evening for my wife), trimming it down to 10 for 2022 was no easy task, but here they are, in no particular order.


despAIR Jordan – Before Your Wings Gave Out

I'll forever be a sucker for modern bands who don't hide their influences from ’80s post-punk and shoegaze, and this Denver outfit are doing it better than just about anyone. They don't shy away from post-rock and psychedelic moments, too.


State Drugs – Explosions On The Radio

The sounds of ’90s “emo” certainly takes up a lot of space in my collection and State Drugs’ alt-rock friendly melodies and tuneful, thoughtful punk fits seamlessly alongside my Jawbreaker, Promise Ring, Knapsack and Dinosaur Jr. records.


Night Court – Nervous Birds Too

Is Sit-Com Core a genre yet? Though there isn’t any songs about Bull, Dan Fielding or Harry T. Stone here, there's a whole lot of great garage rock, post-punk, indie-rock and dreamy moments from this Vancouver band.


Curse Of Lono – People In Cars

The Londoners return with an alt-folk meets Gothic Americana record that's haunting, powerful and psychedelic in a way that only Curse Of Lono can deliver.


Booze & Glory – Raising The Roof

A quick but impressive EP that possesses all the hallmarks of punk that we could never grow weary of, the London punks Booze & Glory bring gang vocals, an anthemic energy, and searing melodies to this rock'n'roll meets street punk affair.


Kate Klim – Something Green

A very personal folk-pop listen, Klim's inviting voice suits the intimate and emotive beauty of this very forthright and mature fourth album.

Bishops Green – Black Skies

A modern punk band who probably own a lot of Stiff Little Fingers and Clash records, these Vancouver veterans play blistering, buzzing and timeless punk that's gritty and tuneful in an old school sort of way.

Babel – Yoga Horror

A Finnish duo with an ear for thick reverb and hazy pop, this debut album strums, buzzes and floats in ambient waters with incredible charm.


Dewey Defeats Truman – The Way You Shatter

A comeback album from the revered San Diego stars, this first record in 20 years has the trio in fine form across swirling, fuzzed out punk/alt/indie-rock that will please fans of Mission of Burma, Polvo or Swervedriver.


Tommy Crane – We're All Improvisers Now

A fascinating display of ambient jazz, electronic manipulation and sonic gestures, Crane brings guitar, synth, sax, French horn and clarinet to a very distinct, unclassifiable and artistic body of work.

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