Fight The Power Records, 2020

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


A rising indie rock band from the always fertile Manchester scene, Inego doesn’t shy away from funk or pop moments on this fluid debut album. Comprised of Toby Belshaw on vocals and guitars, Pete Mackenzie Hodge handling drums and vocals, and Stefan Guttel and Dan Myers contributing bass and guitar, respectively, there are also guests providing keys, backing vocals, spoken word, horns, and percussion, too. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Je Sais Ce Que Tu Ressens” starts the record with a firm, infectious beat as dance rock and alt-rock meet where spoken word from guest Magali Pitt add an ominous quality. “I Need Your Love” follows with soulful singing as plenty of modern pop sensibilities surround the sleek atmosphere. “Realise It's You” follows with rhythmic indie pop that's bright enough for the FM dial and comes with soaring vocals amid a healthy dose of funk. 

The middle of the album continues their memorable formula with the club-ready melodies of “Phoenix Arizona,” while “We're Coming Up” glides with an '80s flair in the synth fueled choruses and subtle brass. “She Don't Care,” an album standout, then recruits acoustic guitar and horns to help cultivate an almost folk-like beginning that builds into textured beauty.

“Somewhere In The Stars” and “IKHYF (Die Fledermaus Dub Mix)” exit the listen; the former lies in acoustic balladry that would make the Gallagher brothers smile, and the latter, which is a different version of the first track, is firmly drenched in electro-pop but also flirts with post-punk as well.

Although they're still very young compared to the legends from their hometown, I feel – at this rate anyway – Inego will one day be spoken in the same sentence as New Order, Oasis, and The Stone Roses as bands from Manchester who made a sizable dent and whose records will be relevant for decades to come.

Rating: B

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