David Bowling's Reviews

ArtistAlbumReview Date
Sue FoleyPinky's Blues2021-11-29
Sue FoleyThe Ice Queen2018-02-27
Ellen FoleyFighting Words2021-09-14
Ellen FoleyAbout Time2013-07-02
FoghatLast Train Home2010-08-09
John Fogerty50 Year Trip: Live At Red Rocks2019-11-18
Dan FogelbergSouvenirs2008-03-06
Dan FogelbergThe Definitive Anthology2017-06-12
Dan FogelbergWindows And Walls2008-03-14
Focus & FriendsFocus 8.5/Beyond The Horizon2016-08-10
FocusThe Focus Family Album2018-04-02
Fleetwood MacPenguin2007-08-14
Fleetwood MacFuture Games2007-08-10
Fleetwood MacBare Trees2007-08-13
Fleetwood MacKiln House2007-08-09
Flat Duo JetsWild Wild Love (Expanded CD Reissue)2017-12-27
Flamin' GrooviesFantastic Plastic2018-01-15
The Five StairstepsOur Family Portrait/Stairsteps2015-01-12
Wild Man FischerAn Evening With Wild Man Fischer (CD reissue)2016-04-24
Lisa FischerSo Intense (Deluxe Edition)2014-01-09
Anton FigFigments2015-09-20
Bryan FerryDylanesque Live (DVD)2007-07-02
Maynard FergusonLive From San Francisco2016-01-28
Don FelderRoad To Forever2013-08-01
FeistThe Reminder2008-01-14
Faun FablesLight Of A Vaster Dark2011-02-02
Fastball All The Pain Money Can Buy (20th Anniversary Edition)2019-01-24
FannyFanny Hill (Expanded CD Edition)2015-07-23
FannyFanny (CD Reissue)2013-04-10
Marianne FaithfullLive In Hollywood (CD/DVD)2009-09-28

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David Bowling's Articles

TitleTypeArticle Date
Blackmore's Night Shines BrightFeature2007-11-13
15 Years And What Do You Get?Essay2012-01-13
All Summer LongFeature2015-09-07
Strange Days IndeedFeature2015-09-28
From Memphis To VegasFeature2015-11-18
Blues PowerFeature2016-01-04
It's Only Rock 'N' RollFeature2016-02-29
20 Albums That Influenced Me: David BowlingFeature2017-01-13
David Bowling's 101 Favorite SongsFeature2020-04-11