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Welcome to our new feature-that’s-not-a-feature, the DV Summer Break! In the interest of giving the entire all-volunteer writing staff a bit of a breather, we won’t be featuring any new content for the next little while. Instead we’re taking this opportunity to spotlight a veritable cornucopia of already published content -- a 2014 rankings column one day, a 1999 concert review the next, and maybe a 2005 artist interview or a 2008 artist retrospective the day after that. In each case we’ll pair them with a review that has some sort of connection to the featured article.

Summer Break Day 3 features The Roots explaining to Sean McCarthy why Things Fall Apart
The Roots share a bill with Wilco (wait...what?) in this 2005 concert review from the very same Sean McCarthy

Summer Break Day 2 finds Madonna wowing Mark Millan with Like A Prayer in this 2012 review

Reviews of all sorts of things...! We promise
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