Tom Haugen's Reviews

ArtistAlbumReview Date
Pont á MoussonPont á Mousson2020-12-02
ZephrDon't Worry About It2020-11-27
Seized UpBrace Yourself2020-11-20
Bobby BareBobby Bare Sings Shel Silverstein Plus2020-11-13
Big Bill BroonzyThe Midnight Special: Live In Nottingham 19572020-11-10
Various ArtistsSunrise On The Blues: Sun Records Curated By Record Store Day – Vol. 72020-10-28
Lyndon BlueWet Paint2020-10-23
Tar OfInstant Light2020-10-16
DeerbornWhere Demons Hide2020-10-13
Jake WinstromCircles2020-10-09
Rook And The RavensLe Bateau2020-10-02
Psuedo DesnudoSpectre One2020-09-29
Jeremy D'AntonioSpinnin' Wheels2020-09-24
Leopold And His FictionDarling Destroyer2020-09-22
HelvetiaThis Devastating Map2020-09-16
Alison MosshartSound Wheel2020-09-10
Mondo CozmoNew Medicine2020-09-02
Lara TaubmanRevelation2020-08-25
FoxyX-Ray Spex Tribute2020-08-21
Class M PlanetsRavenswood2020-08-14
The Psychedelic FursMade Of Rain2020-08-10
The Lawrence ArmsSkeleton Coast2020-08-06
Kevin J. McKayNeutral Mind2020-07-30
Various ArtistsCudighi Records Sampler Platter Vol. II2020-07-23
Jaki Shelton GreenThe River Speaks Of Thirst2020-07-21
Brian Wilson & Van Dyke ParksOrange Crate Art (Deluxe Reissue)2020-07-14
Misty MoonNu-Moon2020-07-10
TerritoriesWhen The Day Is Done2020-07-01
Itchy-OMystic Spy/Psykho Dojo2020-06-23

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