Dutch East India Trading, 1993

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


The dearly departed Chuck Mosley had a very interesting career. Becoming the original singer of Faith No More made him unique and quite the character. Unfortunately, his bad habits and lack of a real singing voice got him kicked out of the band in 1988. He seemingly disappeared for a few years before finding himself in a nascent, subsequently unrecorded version of Bad Brains. When this ended, he decided to start his own band with bassist Senon Williams, later of Dengue Fever. Cement didn’t last very long and only put out two records, but they are notable for being a signpost in Mosley’s career.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Unfortunately, Mosley and his bandmates didn’t make that great of a record. Mosley’s vocals are all over the place and when the other members sing, it comes across as half rapped, half shouted, and all garbage. There are only two really even decent songs here, “Shout” and “Chip Away.” The former was made into a video and actually feels like a real song, with Mosley’s lyrics fitting well with the music. “Chip Away” is an acoustic sidestep that works really well and showcases what Mosley could’ve done in a different musical setting.

The thing about this record is its brevity; the songs are really short and there are two wannabe hardcore punk songs that are about six seconds each that are complete jokes. Between instrumentals and other assorted junk, there’s only nine real songs here, and that’s not enough to make a decent record.

Other tracks like “I Feel” and “Reputation Shot” try to become worthwhile but they just end up falling on their face. Ultimately, this is just a record that isn’t very good and is essential listening for only the most diehard Mosley and Faith No More fans, like myself. Otherwise, avoid at all costs.

Rating: D

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