The Way Life Goes

Tom Keifer

Cleopatra, 2017

REVIEW BY: Mark Kadzielawa


Tom Keifer made his fame fronting Cinderella. They were a very popular band in the ‘80s, considered a hair metal band if you please. Despite this awful label, Cinderella was much more rock-oriented than the sticker may suggest. It is no surprise that its frontman, and one of the band’s main writers, released an album that is very much a rock album. Sure, there are heavy overtones here and there, but at its coremy_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 , The Way Life Goes is a great rock album. Originally released back in 2013, it is now being re-released in a deluxe version. 

The record was upgraded to a two-disc format. You get bonus tracks on the initial release, but it’s the second disc that is worth the price of admission here; it’s a DVD with documentary, video clips, and live performances. The quality is definitely all there, and my overall impression is extremely positive. If you missed this great record back then, don’t miss it now.

Musically, this release shows Keifer as a very grown up and mature writer. The songs are catchy but also very reflective. Keifer is no stranger to writing songs that make you feel and think. The Way Life Goes provides a solid dose of blues rock with a harder edge, with a soft spot here and there added in, too. The title track flows very nicely and gets better and better with each spin.  For those who have been saddened by Cinderella’s lack of activity in the recent years, they will be heartened to find plenty of good Tom Keifer music here that is worth a listen. 

Tom Keifer’s most signature tool is his voice. Once you hear him, it’s just unmistakable. His voice still brings back the glory days you might remember, and the songs here are great.  Even in the past, Keifer had a slightly different take on things lyrically. He was never afraid to go left when you expected him to go right. Once he took control of his destiny, he pretty much delivered the goods on his own terms. Despite some medical holdbacks, this rocker gives you everything he has.

Rating: B

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