The Party’s Over

Prophets Of Rage

Independent release, 2016

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


Talk about overrated! Prophets Of Rage are 3/4ths of Rage Against The Machine, fronted by B-Real of Cypress Hill and the legendary Chuck D, backed by a DJ. But this is how they chose to introduce themselves: with five mediocre songs, three of which are live, and then a vastly underwhelming arena tour? What a rip.

The self-titled track, seemingly the band’s battle cry, is nothing but a cover of a classic Public Enemy jam; it’s just okay, but in no way does it stand out or shake the world to its core in any possible way, shape, or form. This is just another rallying cry for a band that is relying on past successes to their respective fan bases, and that’s just sad. “The Party’s Over” is a decent enough song and might be one of the best things these guys come up with. To me, it just feels like this project won’t even compare to anything Rage (or for that fact, Cypress or Public Enemy) would ever be able to do. While it doesn’t feel like they’re trying to live up to Rage, this whole thing nevertheless doesn’t feel like it’s worth all the publicity and hoopla that have surrounded the group since their formation.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The live tracks are really where the guys show their limitations; “Killing In The Name,” always one of the most famous tracks in Rage’s catalogue, just falls flat, particularly in the delivery from Chuck and B-Real of Zach’s lyrics. The whole thing ends up sounding like a weird cover band attempting to redo the song in a new light, to no avail. While Tom Morello sounds incredibly impressive at the beginning of “Shut ‘Em Down,” everything just feels very unfocused and rushed, something none of these guys could have been accused of in their respective projects.

“No Sleep ‘Til Cleveland” is where everything falls apart – all in all, it’s just a medley of rap classics against the backdrop of the Republican National Convention. But it’s also just a terrible song that would’ve been better off never even recorded –an embarrassment from a group of musicians who are capable of so much more.

Ultimately, this is one of the most disappointing projects of the year; if a full-length album doesn’t rise to the occasion, then this lineup is better left to the dustbin of musical history. Wait for Zach’s solo album (due next year, if ever).

Rating: D

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