Here. Hear

One High Five

Rocketship Coin Collection, 2015

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Punk bands in 2015 sure are getting strange. Disjointed noise, barely discernible singing, and unusual time signatures are just a few possible traits of today's most revered punk outfits. Thankfully, bands like Southern California's One High Five is taking the lead made by legends like Green Day and NOFX and channeling that energy into a time honored tradition of harmonic and rebellious rock 'n' roll. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Here. Hear doesn't waste anytime making an indelible mark, as lead off track “The Ol Switcheroo” moves from a fractured opening into a mid '90s rock song not unlike Green Day or Harvey Danger. “Game Show” follows and brings in horns and keys to a calmer pace before the quiet “How We Enjoyed Ourselves,” where galloping percussion makes you wonder if Steve Martin sung this in Three Amigos.

Songs like the horn heavy and frenetic “Fully Operational” move right into the sparse, slow and subtly aching “Crash The Party,” showing a tremendous amount of diversity in the band. But where they really shine is guitar driven rock, like the anthemic hand clapping of “Everybody Pull The Trigger.” Had this song been penned in 1995, it's likely One High Five would have been scooped up and placed on MTV rotation alongside Schleprock, Face To Face, and whatever other pop-punk band was potentially the next Green Day.

Frontman Daniel Sauer describes One High Five as “orchestrated ear candy,” and it's tough to argue with that sentiment. Now, if you're looking for some new fusion of sub-genres and experimental noodling, stay clear from these songs. But if you're just fine embracing the sounds of the mid '90s punk explosion, dive right in. As a reference point, think of Weezer with a gym membership if they grew up on albums by Voodoo Glow Skulls.

Rating: B

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