Bad Magic


UDR Music/Motörhead Music, 2015

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


Now here’s a band that knows how to give the people what they want! On this, their 22nd studio album, Motörhead haven’t changed a damn thing. They still sound great and powerful and not the type of band you’d ever want to mess with. Lemmy has had some recent health issues but nothing has stopped him from roaring back to life with longtime cohorts Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee. The standout, amongst many, is the surprising cover of the Rolling Stones’ classic “Sympathy For The Devil.” Given a righteous going-over from the band, the song sounds alive and fresh and exhilarating.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Victory Or Die,” the album opener, is another classic Motörhead jam; just basic, no-frills rock and/or roll that gives the people exactly what they want and what they’ve always come to expect from Motörhead. “The Devil” starts off as a slower track that brings the pace down a bit; that is, until Brian May of Queen pops in for a guest solo and totally crushes it, bringing the song to life. Another slower song, “Til the End,” is one of the best tracks on the record, featuring great vocals from Lemmy and an overall amazing feel. It truly is one of the best slower, non full-on assault type of songs the band has put out.

“Fire Storm Hotel” is one of the few disappointments on the disc; the whole track feels very rushed without any of that classic Motörhead energy or excitement to it at all. Fortunately, they rebound with “Tell Me Who To Kill,” which is another great thrasher with some incredibly great guitar work courtesy of Phil Campbell.

Overall, Motörhead have made another great record that metal fans should devour with rapture. I think it goes without saying that Motörhead is one of the most dependable and reliable bands out there. Now with Lemmy’s recent health problems and the fact that he is undeniably slowing down as a live performer, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the band. But as long as Lemmy can keep going at a decent rate, then Motörhead will continue to churn out the same reliable product!

Rating: B

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