Classic Queen


Hollywood Records, 1992

REVIEW BY: Alfredo Narvaez


After watching VH-1's Legends show on Queen, I felt the urge to speak to some of the people who may not be aware of what Queen was and is. Queen was a band that, though they never got much exposure in the States after the late '70s, is considered one of the best in all of rock. Why? They were over-the-top and had musical abilities that were sometimes second to none. Unfortunately, after their classic album, The Gamemy_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 , the band dissapeared from the U.S. charts.

Anyway, thanks to the success of Wayne's World, the band was re-discovered by U.S. fans. This allowed their new record company to release Queen's Greatest Hits. Thing was that album had appeared in 1981 and included none of the band's later hits. Therefore, this album was released. It combined some of their earlier hits with newer ones, but took some of those early hits out.

Of course, this album includes "Bohemian Rhapsody." What hasn't been said about this song? It is a classic. It's the kind of song that, well, comes along only once in a great while. Years from now, that song will be remembered and sung by people as it was when it came out.

Along with "Bohemian Rhapsody," there's "Stone Cold Crazy" (great cover by Metallica, by the way) which rocks as does "Tie Your Mother Down" and "Keep Yourself Alive," which was their first small hit. From their late '70s/early '80s period comes "Under Pressure" (Vanilla Ice should burn in the deepest bowel of Hades for violating that song), the trippy "Radio Ga Ga" and (probably the hardest song they ever did) "Hammer To Fall." If you fail to notice a trend, good. Queen was the rare rock monster -- one which refused to be categorized under one box.

Add to that some of their later work. "These Are The Days Of Our Lives" is so charming -- Celine Dion WISHES she could get a song like this! "Who Wants To Live Forever" is both haunting and beautiful. "The Show Must Go On" can be creepy when placed against the fact that this was the last new song heard from Mr. Freddie Mercury before his death. Yet it is also a defiant song against the darkness that came against him. "Headlong" is amusing and driving. And another one of my favorites is "I Want It All." (Though do yourself a favor and pick up the album version as you'll get the full song instead of the single).

In short, this album is a must-get if you want to try what Queen was. Trust me, you won't be dissapointed.

Rating: A-

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