Robby Krieger

Oglio Records, 2010

REVIEW BY: David Bowling


A singularity is a profound event such as the “big bang,” which initiated the creation of the universe. It is also the name of the Robby Krieger painting that adorns his new album cover.

Robby Krieger was the lead guitarist of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame rock group, The Doors. While the members of The Doors shared writing credits for the most part, he wrote such well-known songs as “Love Her Madly,” “Touch Me,” “Love Me Two Times,” and “Light My Fire.” my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Rolling Stone Magazine named him one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time.

While there are still elements of The Doors’ music in his current release, this instrumental album shows that he has evolved and moved in different directions.

His love of flamenco music forms the foundation of Singularity. The album begins with “Russian Caravan Intro,” which is a solo Krieger playing just a flamenco guitar. Drawing on the old Doors song “Spanish Caravan,” he channels the Spanish guitar master Segovia in tone and phrasing. This leads to the ten-minute “Russian Caravan.” It begins similar to the music of a bull fight complete with a horn section. Drums, keyboards, and bass support Krieger’s flamenco improvisational excursions.

“Event Horizon (intro)” and the longer “Event Horizon” continue this style, but elements of jazz can be found in the mix.

“Southern Cross” with its excellent slide guitar and “Let It Ride” are the most traditional tracks. They are stripped to basics, with only bass, drums, and keyboards to support Krieger’s gutar. The tracks are more melodic and are reminiscent of some of his work with The Doors.

Singularity finds him taking some chances, which is always nice to see in an artist over forty years into his career. It may not appeal to everyone, but if you are a fan of the guitar and particularly of Robby Krieger, it is a nice and interesting way to spend an hour.

Rating: B+

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