Lost Paradise

The Real Be Easys

RBE Ent., 2007


REVIEW BY: David Bowling


Direct from New York City; play that funky music. Well, sort of, anyway.

The Real Be Easys are a New York City group comprised of guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Evan Jaffee, bassist and vocalist Paulie T. and drummer California Leighton. They combine Jaffee’s funky rap style vocals with harder-edged rock music. They may ultimately need to decide upon a more consistent musical direction if they are looking for long term commercial success, but this works for now.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Lost Paradise is the 10-song debut album. Also included is a second four song DVD. You will enjoy most of it.

The first song, “Defunkt,” sets the tone for the album. Listening to this song and the Real Be Easys in general, I am struck by the rhythms and guitar playing more than the vocals. Jaffee is an innovative and technically excellent guitar player and he dominates the album, yet the vocals come across are merely competent. “Defunkt” gets into a groove that is interspersed with Jaffee’s guitar solos. Good stuff.

“Bullet” provides more funky-type vocals laid against rock guitar. It reminds me of the structure Jimi Hendrix used on many of his songs. Also the line “I want to burn my bacon in your oven” is one of the more creative verses I have heard lately.

“Jam On” is one the only song that is truly different. Jaffee switches to acoustic guitar and turns the power switch off. The song does not quite come together but it is a direction that the Real Be Easys should explore more often.

The DVD was an unexpected and welcome addition to the album. The Real Be Easys present three songs from the album live plus one original. “Defunkt,” “Ipso Facto” and “On The Road” are better live. The songs have a raw sense that serves the group well. Also, you can see the guitar virtuosity of Mr. Jaffee. They need to transfer this sense of raw power and urgency to the studio instead of going for slickness, which contradicts what the band seems to want to be.

All in all, Lost In Paradise is an excellent debut album. I hope The Real Be Easys will continue to mature as a group and become comfortable with a specific musical direction, using this solid effort as a starting point.

Rating: B

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