Hey Heart

Rick Hertless

A.M.I. Records, 2001


REVIEW BY: Christopher Thelen


I hate writing reviews like this. It's difficult enough when I need to write a review on an artist whom I can't find a lot of information about - or whose biography I've misplaced among the empty mailers and Krunchers bags here in the Pierce Memorial Archives. It's harder still when I'm expected to pass judgment on an artist or a band based on four or five songs.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

In the case of country music artist Rick Hertless, all I have is his most recent single Hey Heart... and I'm supposed to convince you, the reader, whether to check him out based on two songs. If you're timing, I have a total of less than six minutes' worth of music in front of me.

It's not fair, dammit.. especially because Hertless does such a good job on these two songs that it leaves you wanting to hear more, but there is no more to be heard. Nuts.

The title track (co-written by pianist Ronnie Godfrey) is the centerpiece of this single, working in some crafty guitar effects which both throw the listener off guard and pleasantly surprise them. It's not your typical country music a la Garth Brooks, but it's a refreshing change of pace.

The second track, "Just The Thought Of You," is not quite as strong, but it holds out the promise of greater things to come from the pen, guitar and mouth of Hertless. And this is where the curtain falls.

I don't want to write a short review, but Hey Heart doesn't offer me the chance to really wax poetic about this disc. What Hertless needs to do is to get himself into the studio with about a dozen songs of this caliber, and not leave until he has a real CD created. (Yes, I know from Hertless's Web site he has a few other discs out - but the site doesn't tell me whether they're full albums or singles on the line of Hey Heart.)

The talent is there, but Hey Heart, despite being a pleasant enough disc, doesn't give me enough ammunition to advise anyone one way or the other. If you want a brief diversion from the day, it's worth it. If you're looking for a real country music experience... well, sorry, Rick, but I've got to suggest people wait for the full-length disc I know you're capable of creating.

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Rating: C+

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