Linkin Park

Warner Brothers, 2003

REVIEW BY: Emily Kinsella


In the world of music, there is a plethora of conflicting opinions regarding the music of rap-metal band Linkin Park. With the release of their debut CD Hybrid Theory, they found almost immediate success among rock and top-40 radio. After producing the best selling album of 2001, the guys from LP had their work cut out for them.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

In March 2003, Linkin Park released Meteora. While still adhering to the old LP habit of white-boy rap set against electronic metal, their sophomore effort displays more of LP's heavy metal influences and explores more diverse sounds, such as the use of Arabian-sounding wind instruments on number 11, "Nobody's Listening." On 2001's Hybrid Theory, the songs, which were all written collaboratively by the band, focused mostly on lead singer Chester Bennington's battles with alcohol and substance abuse. On Meteora, the lyrics show a different approach, many of them addressing the pressures of the band's rapid fame.

Number 11 best expresses the tone of the album: "And everything left's a waste of time/ I hate my rhymes/ but hate everyone else's more/ I'm riding on the back of this pressure/ guessing that it's better/ I can't keep myself together/ because all of this stress gave me something to write on/ the pain gave me something I could set my sights on/ never forget the blood sweat and tears/ the uphill struggle over years/ the fear and trash talking/ and the people it was to/ and the people that started it just like you."

The standout song and single of the CD is number 7, "Faint." The rapid, punching beat sounds the least polished and the strings during the verses give the song an interesting twist that works so well it's scary. Emcee Mike Shinoda's rapping and Chester Bennington's passionate screaming finish off a flawless track.

After three years of anticipating Linkin Park's unveiling their follow-up to Hybrid Theory, I can say that it has been well worth the wait. Meteora is a beautiful album.

Rating: A-

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