Independent release, 2000

REVIEW BY: Christopher Thelen


Imagine what might happen if Trent Reznor fronted Guns N' Roses without having the guitar talents of Slash.

A bit difficult to imagine? It is the first impression I get from the debut CD from Arsyn, Degeneration. It takes guts to merge the worlds of industrial and metal, while trying to make sure neither side becomes overpowering. For the most part, the San Bernandino, California-based band accomplishes this task well, though their sound proves they're still searching for their place in the world.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

There are times when this band - vocalist Collin Whalen, guitarist Brett Corse, bassist Bob Gates and drummer Alan Johnson - shows they are a name to watch closely. Tracks like "Psycho Super Society," "Hit The Ground," "Knock Down Mr. Foolish" and "Silent Scream" all demonstrate the power this quartet has, and how well the two genres can melt together. One track, "Succubus Blues," seems to capture the raunchy sound of blooze-based metal perfectly.

Yet there are times when it feels like Arsyn hasn't quite come into their own yet - and that's something that will only come with time together and scars of life on the road. "Blind Fury" is a track that sounds like it could have benefitted from a little more lyrical development (and the re-mix at the end of the album doesn't help the situation). Other tracks like "Will Be Gone" and "Kill Joy" also have a sound that suggests the tracks could have benefitted from maybe one more coat of paint.

Does this mean that Degeneration is not worth checking out? I didn't say that. In fact, the disc is one which begins to show its magic after repeated listens - which is easy to do since the disc clocks in at under 40 minutes. But while this disc shows the promise that the band has, it doesn't sound like Arsyn has found the source of their own power just yet. When they do, however, grab on to something that's tied down and look out.

Degeneration shows off a band who hint at much greater things to come from them. Here's hoping they can tap that well and give the genre a solid kick in the ass.

Rating: C+

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