Ain't Done Yet

Savoy Brown

Quarto Valley, 2020

REVIEW BY: David Bowling


Kim Simmonds formed Savoy Brown in 1965. While there have been numerous personal changes, 55 years later, the band is still producing their brand of British electric blues. Ain’t Done Yet is the 41st album issued by the band.

After five and a half decade, the band is who they are. Their brand of straight-ahead British blues has not changed much through the years. The songs are well constructed, and the melodies provide room for Simmonds’ guitar excursions.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The only change in the band’s approach is the increasing simplicity of the music. Pat DeSalvo (bass) and Garnet Grimm (drums) have been with the band and since 2009 and form two-thirds of the first power trio in the band’s history. Their continued presence has also given the band an important stability that has been missing many times in Savoy Brown’s history.

 Their new album is a solid album. “All Gone Wrong” leads off the album in typical fashion. A thumping rhythm section, an established melody, and a guitar solo all add up to a typical introduction to the band’s music.

“River On The Rise” is a nice acoustic piece with a slide guitar dominating the track. It is a nice interlude between the more traditional blues songs. “Borrowed Time” is a track that lyrically fits Simmonds and the band’s age. It looks ahead to the end of things and philosophically fits where Simmonds music is in life.

“Jaguar Car” is an entertaining and fun track. Early in the band’s career, they toured with John Lee Hooker, and this track channels the old bluesman. It is a boogie piece and even includes some harp work by Simmonds.

“Crying Guitar” closes the album with an instrumental. It is a slow and smoldering blues piece and is a nice counterpoint to what precedes it.

Ain’t Done Yet is a solid album that will please their fan base and followers of the British blues scene. While it may not explore any new ground, it does cover the old quite nicely.

Rating: B

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