The Best of 2018

by: The Daily Vault Staff

Here they are -- another incredibly diverse collection of takes on the bests, worsts, and in-betweens of note in the musical world, from the cornucopia of musical interest and opinion that is the Daily Vault writing staff. For those expecting a neat series of identically formatted Top Ten lists, you're in the wrong place. We have only two rules about our "Best Of" feature: #1 - There are no rules; #2 - See #1. Where our writers mentioned albums they wrote full reviews of during the year, those reviews have been linked from the album covers. Enjoy!

2018: Pete's Best Of
by Pete Crigler

2018: The Music That Meant The Most To Me

by Ken DiTomaso

2018: Tom's Top Ten
by Tom Haugen

2018: Rock On. If You Can Find It.

by Benjamin Ray

2018: Hello Goodbye

by Jason Warburg

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