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Welcome to a special celebration of a special day! On January 13, 1997 -- 25 years ago today -- Daily Vault Founder Christopher Thelen flipped the switch that started us down a road that we're still on today.

First of all, we have special messages from two folks:

-- "Silver Highlights" by DV Founder Christopher Thelen
"A Quarter Century... And Beyond" by DV Editor Jason Warburg

And now, please join us as we roll out a raft of features celebrating 25 years of the Daily Vault:

25 Favorite Reviews
25 Reviews Of Favorites
25 Albums For The Ages

25 Favorite Features


Plus, what would our 25th birthday be without a new album review from our esteemed Founder? Check out Christopher Thelen's brand-new review of Metallica's Master Of Puppets (Deluxe Box Set)


Finally, what would a big DV anniversary be without revisiting the very first review published on the DV back on January 13, 1997? Here's DV Founder Christopher Thelen's review of Fire And Gasoline, from former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones

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