The Daily Vault Celebrates 10 Years



Today, January 13, 2007, we interrupt this month's retrospective -- along with everything else -- to celebrate 10 years on the Web!  It was January 13, 1997 when a wee lad by the name of Christopher Thelen and his cousin Bill Ziemer decided that, in order to forge a more perfect union, we needed some decent music reviews. 

The menu of features today is wide and deep, so settle in and enjoy...


Speaking of yada yada yada, just try getting a word in edgewise when these four start pontificating about the greater significance of The Daily Vault reaching the 10-year mark:


Did someone mention a big announcement about new site features?


Or was it the biggest giveaway in DV history they were all chattering about?


Or maybe, just maybe, it was the ten classic reviews we've linked today for your enjoyment -- one from each year we've been publishing...


1997, or "Still Infamous After All These Years"

One thing about DV Founder Christopher Thelen... he calls 'em like he hears 'em.  Even when legions of prog rock fans hear a masterpiece, and he hears dogshhhouldn't you really read this one for yourself?


1998, or "Stairway To Chicagoland"

Mr. Thelen has also been accused of gratuitously goring sacred cows (see his spit-take take on Sgt. Pepper's if you don't believe us).  But as with any true iconoclast, it ain't necessarily so, as Chris shows with this review of another album widely regarded as a classic...


1999, or "(I Had A) Bad Day"

Longtime Staff Writer and Publisher Emeritus Duke Egbert gives a lot of "A"s -- it's a documented fact.  This tells you two things: he likes writing about music he enjoys, and lord help you if he doesn't enjoy yours...


2000, or "I'll Take Run-On Album Titles For $2,000, Alex"

We don't know why this is the most-linked-to single review in Daily Vault history, but we suspect it's either the Guinness World Record people (Longest Album Title Ever) or the Sean McCarthy Fan Club


2001, or "Billie Jean Is Not My Lawyer"

So, did Chris Thelen zing this classic, or sing its praises?  There's only one way to find out...


2002, or "You're Not The Boss Of Me"

Thirty years on in an often-overhyped career, did Bruce Springsteen still have something relevant to say?  In the wake of September 11, Jason Warburg thinks he did.


2003, or "Thing One Is OUT OF CONTROL"

In which Chris Thelen delivers -- no exaggeration -- the single most amazing review in the history of the DV.


 2004, or "The Boys Are Back In Town"

The town was Berlin, the boys were U2, the writer was Jason Warburg, and the energy level was off the charts.


2005, or "Weapons Of Mass Illusion"

The album that spawned trip-hop earns respect from Vish Iyer (not to mention the only recorded use on the DV of the adjective "subfusc".... duuuuude).


2006, or "Soul On Fire"

When we used to use the phrase "classic albums reviewed for modern times," this Benjamin Ray review is exactly what we were talking about.

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