Keeping Up (Vol. 44)

by Darren Paltrowitz

Here are some more quick picks for you, the loyal reader:

kurtbaker_covered_150MUSIC: Kurt Baker / Got It Covered – Formerly the frontman of The Leftovers, Kurt Baker makes his solo debut with the Got It Covered EP. Featuring covers of Blondie, Rick Springfield, Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello & The Attractions -- to name 4 out of 7 -- Baker shows his power-pop influences while adding his own energy to the mix. Produced by Linus Of Hollywood and featuring a cameo by Kay Hanley, Got It Covered is a pleasant reminder of how great the Top 40 used to be. (kurtbakermusic.com)

FILM: LENNONYC – New to DVD after its PBS premiere, LENNONYC is a documentary about the impact that New York had on John Lennon (and vice versa). Featuring lots of previously-unreleased photos, recordings and videos, the film ought to appeal to even the most casual fan of Lennon or even The Beatles. With recollections from many of the musicians and behind-the-scenes people that shaped Lennon's solo career, expect to never hear his music the same way again.  (pbs.org/wnet/americanmasters/episodes/lennonyc/about-the-film/1551/

PODCAST: SuperEgo – As of late, this is the funniest and fastest-paced podcast I have discovered. Yet it also so subtle that one may not realize that it is improvised. Even more amazing is that its frequent contributors include Drew Carey, Paul F. Tompkins, Jason Sudeikis, Steve Agee, and Joe LoTruglio. Make sure you are not multi-tasking while listening to this comedy gold. (gosuperego.com) 

As always, if I’m missing something that’s worthwhile and deserving of column space, please reach out with an e-mail: darren.paltrowitz@gmail.com.

In the meantime, stay tuned for another 5 picks...

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