Keeping Up (Vol. 43)

by Darren Paltrowitz

Here are some more quick picks for you, the loyal reader:

damnedthings_ironi_150MUSIC: The Damned Things / Ironiclast – An all-star band of sorts, The Damned Things features 2/5 of Anthrax, 2/4 of Fall Out Boy, and 2/5 of Every Time I Die. Somewhere between arena rock,  metal and Misfits-inspired punk, The Damned Things are dark yet heavy on hooks and riffs. Hopefully this is not just a “side project” and there are more albums to come. (thedamnedthings.com)

BOOK: Craig Ferguson / American On Purpose – Craig Ferguson is best known as the host of the Late Late Show on CBS, which airs after David Letterman's show. Many people will also know him from The Drew Carey Show and as writer, director and star of films like Saving Grace and The Big Tease. But few Americans are likely to know about Ferguson's decades of self-destructive behavior as a drummer in a punk rock band or as successful U.K. Comic Bing Hitler. This memoir is both hilarious and meaningful, and at many points both things at once. (twitter.com/CraigyFerg

PODCAST: Onion News Network – A video podcast available free through iTunes, The Onion's Onion News Network provides short segments from their new IFC series. A direct satire of cable talk shows, the anchors cover hilarious fictitious stories with some of the best deadpan imaginable. In fact, someone paying little attention may not realize that they aren't watching MSNBC or Fox News. For starters, try “Morbid Curiosity Leading Many Voters To Support Palin.” (theonion.com) 

As always, if I’m missing something that’s worthwhile and deserving of column space, please reach out with an e-mail: darren.paltrowitz@gmail.com.

In the meantime, stay tuned for another 5 picks...

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