Keeping Up (Vol. 41)

by Darren Paltrowitz

Here are some more quick picks for you, the loyal reader:

mikeviolakellyjones_melon_150MUSIC: Mike Viola and Kelly Jones / Melon – In an age when most artists think economically, it is rare for artists to go “deluxe” on a creative project. In mid-2010, Mike Viola and Kelly Jones –- two renowned songwriters based in L.A. with roots in New York –- opted to record a vinyl-only, live-in-the-studio, acoustic. Now, Melon can be found on iTunes and Amazon MP3. “Steal Your Heart Away” (a Fleetwood Mac cover) and “There Goes My Baby” (a re-working of an earlier Viola-produced Jones recording) must be heard. (kellyjones.com)

BOOK: Adam Carolla / In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks – Unarguably the most popular podcaster in this country, Adam Carolla reaches millions of listeners each week with his Adam Carolla Podcast. His first book, In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks is a collection of rants from the co-creator of “The Man Show” and “Crank Yankers.” And hopefully not his last book, as this may be the funniest book I read in 2010. (adamcarolla.com

SERIES: Eastbound And Down – I was late to realize the genius of “Eastbound And Down,” which recently finished airing its second season. Starring Danny McBride as disgraced baseball pitcher Kenny Powers, “Eastbound” follows Powers’ attempted journey from ruin back to the big leagues. Season 2 is darker than the first, so newbies would be best starting at the beginning (thus enjoying Will Ferrell’s arc as the owner of a North Carolina car dealership). (hbo.com/eastbound-and-down) 

As always, if I’m missing something that’s worthwhile and deserving of column space, please reach out with an e-mail: darren.paltrowitz@gmail.com.

In the meantime, stay tuned for another 5 picks...

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