Keeping Up (Vol. 34)

by Darren Paltrowitz

Here are some more quick picks for you, the loyal reader:

charliemurphy_200BOOK: Charlie Murphy with Chris Millis / The Making Of A Stand-Up Guy – As Charlie Murphy was best known as “Eddie Murphy’s brother” up until a few years ago, not everyone realizes his successes as a screenwriter, director, producer, actor, and musician. Stand-up comedy was something he began performing after his success on Chappelle’s Show, and this book largely focuses Murphy’s journey into the stand-up world. Along the way, readers are treated to tales from Murphy’s Long Island childhood, time in prison, and military service, in addition to some insight into life as, well, Eddie Murphy’s brother. The book reads as if the spoken words of Charlie Murphy put to paper, however, no audiobook exists yet, making this edition the must-have. (authors.simonandschuster.com/Charlie-Murphy)

TOOL: ScareBear Trail Companion – If you’re still onto your New Year’s Resolution of being more active and getting into better shape, do look into the ScareBear Trail Companion. Presently exclusive to the iTunes, ScareBear is an app that prepares hikers and other outdoors-people for the surrounding wildlife. It enables users to use sounds to alert animals of people being in proximity without intending to be of threat, yet also provides options to help scare away animals. As noted in its description, common sense may be the best tool of all when on a trail, but this app only costs 99 cents and can only increase the safety and enjoyability of your trip.   (appshopper.com/lifestyle/scarebear-trail-companion)

MOVIE: FreeDocumentaries.org – Rather than picking out a particular film from what’s available, I’m opting to link to this site with a self-explanatory domain name. Focusing on documentary movies that are generally politically and/or philosophically-slanted, it permits visitors to watch these films in entirety cost-free. While no visitor is bound to enjoy or even agree with all of the titles available –- note: some of the titles are in Spanish and French -- the idea is that a democratic website exists to expose everyday people to movies and related ideas that they may not have been aware of due to a lack of mainstream advertising or distribution. (freedocumentaries.org

As always, if I’m missing something that’s worthwhile and deserving of column space, please reach out with an e-mail: darren.paltrowitz@gmail.com.

In the meantime, stay tuned for another 5 picks...

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