Paul Hanson's 30-30 Vision

by Jason Warburg

Paul Hanson was present at the creation… almost. 


Paul wasn’t actually part of the original DV review panel -- the DV’s founder Christopher Thelen is the only remaining member of that crew almost 11 years later – but he joined up in October of 1997, making him among the site’s earliest recruits.  To celebrate his 10th anniversary (and, not incidentally, to help clear off his desk), Paul volunteered to produce thirty reviews in thirty days during September 2007, bringing him to an even 200 reviews in his tenure.

It’s a plan just crazy enough to work…!

1.  Various Artists – Now That’s What I Call Music! 25
2.  Every Avenue – Ah! [EP]
3.  Beatallica -- Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band
4.  Various Artists -- Avril Lavinge: Influences
5.  Joshua Path -- Headlight In The Sun
6.  D.O.A. -- Punk Rock Singles 1978-1999
7.  Drowning Pool -- Full Circle 
8.  Aiden -- Conviction
9.  All Out War -- Assassins In The House Of God
10.  Black Light Burns -- Cruel Melody
11.  Head --  Look Without Seeing
12.  June -- Make It Blur
13.  Ringworm -- The Venomous Grand Design
14.  Point 1 -- Unlucky Stars
15.  Temple Of Brutality -- Lethal Agenda
16.  Arctic Monkeys -- Favourite Worst Nightmare
17.  Various Artists -- Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur
18.  Between The Buried And Me -- Colors
19.  Framing Hanley -- The Moment
20.  The Sleeping -- Believe What We Tell You
21.  Spitalfield -- Stop Doing Bad Things
22.  Angel Blake -- Angel Blake
23.  Bayside -- Acoustic
24.  Ricky Ray Band -- Nothing To Lose
25.  Lye -- To All Of Those
26. Voodoo Glow Skulls -- California Street Music 
27.  Sixx A.M. -- The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack
28.  Darkest Hour -- Deliver Us
29.  Megadeth -- That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires
30.  Bigwig -- Reclamation

Th-th-that's all folks!

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