Kambui Chui-Moore

My Valuable Recordings, 2017

REVIEW BY: Vish Iyer


With the number of amazing artists making music in the alternative R&B subgenre, there has never been a more exciting time than now to (re)discover R&B itself. Detroit, Michigan-native (originally hailing from Houston, Texas) Kambui Olushala Nefta Chui Moore makes music that is intense and introspective. His work is as interesting as some of the best alternative R&B music that one might come across.

Though Chui-Moore’s first ever release Confier is just a five-song EP, it is powerful enough to persuade the listener to take his artistry very seriously. The title song and opening track is pretty much an indication of whether one is going to love or hate the EP. Slow and meditative, title cut “Confier” has trip-hop eeriness. Chui-Moore’s vocals remain calm, even as he sings the song’s focal words “All you do is take from me” while darkly atmospheric synths hover underneath the slowly churning hip-hop beats. “Confier” is the best track on this EP. It is absolutely beautiful but also deeply poignant, bearing a lot of pain.

The ensuing “Final Words,” which is equally brilliant, sounds less dark and is more comforting, with Chui-Moore channeling a cool Seal vibe with a soulful, jazzy, softly played piano section. But make no mistake: as Chui-Moore sings “Some clouds don’t go away / No peace is tied to man / Aren’t you tired of living this way” in his most tranquil voice, he is referring to mental health struggles, as he has publicly admitted to suffering from depression and has shown his commitment to bringing attention to this issue.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Space And Tempo” is probably the most interesting song on Confier. It’s a song in two parts. The first part is dreamy and ethereal, featuring airy vocals and hushed atmospheric synths. The second part – which is totally different – is bleak and weird, with sinister beats and a bitter-sounding Chui-Moore. Although it is as cool as the first part, just when it seems to be building up to something, the song ends. The mere 3:09 track length seems just too short for a song that had the promise to offer much more, but ended up being somewhat of a disappointment because of how abrupt it is.

The same goes for the two-minute long “Before I Let You Go.” This one is also a very strange number with its claustrophobic music and Chui-Moore’s ghostlike backing vocals. This experimental track shows a lot of potential to become something awesome and fresh. However, because of its short length, “Before I Let You Go” seems more like an idea that has turned into somewhat of a jarring filler cut than a fully fleshed out song.

This is also disappointing, because in an EP of just five songs, the last thing needed is a track that appears to be present just to fill some space. In this self-produced endeavor, which otherwise sounds strikingly polished and meticulously mixed, it’s the missed opportunities like “Space And Tempo” and “Before I Let You Go” that show the need for better direction that could have come from an experienced album producer.

The EP gets back on track with “For Healing,” its final and most haunting cut. At the beginning, this song has an ethereal feel with its calming downtempo synths. Then the beats come in, transforming it into a serene electronica track, reminiscent of Björk’s music. “For Healing” not only ends the disc on a high note but also shows that Chui-Moore’s music is anything but stereotypical.

Confier has set pretty high expectations for Chui-Moore’s full-length debut. Here’s hoping he delivers.

Rating: B+

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