The Hustle Is A Many-Splendoured Thing (EP)


Second Best Records, 2017

REVIEW BY: Vish Iyer


Slight has been releasing music since 2013 through their Bandcamp site, but the band’s output has been scarce. Their 2013 debut EP Melodion is three tracks long. The ensuing release, Spirit School/Tasting, which came out in 2014, is a two-song single. Their latest, The Hustle Is A Many-Splendoured Thing, is a four-track EP. Although this Montreal-based outfit has not put out much music, whatever they have released thus far has been nothing short of amazing and is hence worth writing about.

Slight’s ‘60s psychedelia-influenced shoegaze music might answer the question, “What if The Beatles were a shoegaze act?” Even if you were not quite that smitten by the band, you would at least ask the aforementioned question (and likely find an answer) while listening to their music. The features that define this group’s music are unique: a clean, guitar-oriented and retro synthesizer-infused lush sound that doesn’t overtly aim to please (unlike today’s pop-leaning shoegaze music). Meanwhile, the vocals are sweet and childlike, unmistakably distinctive due to their naturally pure and ethereal qualities. It is definitely hard to mistake Slight for any other band.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Right from the outset, Slight’s music has been brilliantly crafted and produced. As a result, there is no real (or necessary) progression in the four years between the band’s first EP Melodion and their latest, The Hustle Is A Many-Splendoured Thing. A song from any release would easily fit in the other.

As a result, the group’s best songs are dispersed evenly among all three releases. Highlights include “Paths” from Melodion and “Spirit School,” “Run,” and “My Lantern” from The Hustle Is A Many-Splendoured Thing. These songs do exemplify the uniqueness of Slight’s music: skillfully played guitars, bass, and drums along with vintage synths, which add a touch of the past while not sounding too dated. It all comes together like a cool Instagram photo. However, more than any of the band’s other numbers, these tracks also showcase their dreamy melodiousness, which contains just the right amount of weirdness that make it sound strange but totally awesome and fresh.

By now, Slight certainly knows what they are doing (and they are doing it right). They’ve pretty much solidified a trademark sound. Their music is sui generis, and their artistry is exceptional. Now, if only they released a full length album…

Rating: A-

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