Trouble Maker


Hellcat / Epitaph, 2017

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


On Rancid’s first disc in three years, they return a bit to form but the results are quite disappointing. My favorite Rancid discs are …And Out Come the Wolves and the 2000 self-titled disc which is where they got the heaviest and most aggressive. Unfortunately, the band have been downhill since then and while this disc is ok, Tim Armstrong’s vocals just aren’t there anymore and the result has brought the band down quite a bit from their heyday.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The once great voice of Armstrong has really hit the skids, you can really hear it on “Ghost of A Chance” and “Where I’m Going,” one of the most boring tracks the band has ever done. But things just seem to get worse on tracks like “Farewell Lola Blue,” which has some great music but the vocals are crap and bring the entire song down; “Bovver Rock and Roll” is way too damn slow for the band’s own good and without a doubt, one of the weakest tracks this band has ever put out.

"Telegraph Avenue” is a decent enough lite-reggae track that’s a bit notable but isn’t as great as it could’ve been. It often feels on this disc that the band is just going through the motions and didn’t really know when to throw in the towel. “Make It Out Alive” tries to sound like classic Rancid and is the closest thing to greatness here. “Go On Rise Up” is without a doubt, one of the best tracks here but ultimately these decent songs aren’t enough to save this once great band and a very mediocre record.

Unfortunately though, there’s not enough good stuff here to save the record or the band. Many tracks feel completely bland and boring, without any real reason for existing. “Cold Cold Blood” just feels completely lifeless and nonexistent, such a bland dropoff for what was once a really great band.

Plainly speaking, this is a band that should’ve given up the ghost around 2004. To keep going and putting out mediocre records like this just spoils a once great band.

Rating: C-

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