God Like the Sun


Chief Injustice Records, 2017


REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


Many people like myself may remember Jimmer Podrasky, lead singer of the Rave-Ups, best known for being the Molly Ringwald character’s favorite band in the film Pretty In Pink. After years of musical hassles and general indifference, Jimmer returned in 2014 with his first solo record, a rollicking good time if there ever was one. Now he’s back with his second disc and this fan of the songwriter and the man himself is here to assure you that this is one special album.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

First off, Podrasky’s vocals still sound as strong as ever, just older and wiser. Opening track “Your Heaven or Mine?” sounds like a great Rave-Ups track with plenty of energy and wisdom. Same thing can be said for “Half A Dad,” another apparently true story from Jimmer’s life.

This record has got a great singer-songwriter feel all over it, but not a Jackson Browne or (gulp) Dan Fogelberg feel, it’s more like mid-era Dylan or early Harry Chapin, and that’s a great thing to hear in a music scene that has become so saturated with crap.

“The Ballad of Addie Polk” is an interesting number, a roots rocker with some great musicianship and always excellent vocals; it sounds like a good fit for college indie radio or a showcase on NPR. There’s a nice folk element on “You Can Count on Me,” a very nice duet with Syd Straw, one of the most exciting tracks here.

Even the country elements of the intro on the title track don’t take away the power that Jimmer has as a songwriter. Though the Rave-Ups are long gone (they still play every once in a while, but they aren’t a going concern), Jimmer is a talent who needs to be rediscovered and heralded as one of the best writers/performers of his generation. This album is one of the best singer/songwriter records I’ve heard in quite some time and is well worth any music lover’s time.

Rating: B

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