Creature In The Woods EP

Creature In The Woods

Independent release, 2015

REVIEW BY: Vish Iyer


Like most debut EPs, the music on Creature In The Woods showcases the process of a band in the making. And from what we hear on the four songs on this EP, the signs point to some promising albums in the future for Creatures In The Woods.

The mastermind behind Creature In The Woods is New York-based DJ Tyler Morrisette. Now, Deadmau5 is a DJ, too. And to put Morrisette in the same category as Deadmou5 would be somewhat ridiculous, for Morrisette is the kind of “DJ” that you can rent for your event. Needless to say, Morrisette has not quite reached the level of coolness of pop music DJs like Deadmau5.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

However, to Morrisette’s credit, his music has been featured in an odd film here and there, and he has produced songs by equally obscure and fledgling artists. Creature In The Woods is his first truly solo project and his first real step towards being a cool pop music DJ.

“With years of experience curating music, I pride myself on the ability to provide the perfect soundtrack to any event,” says Morrisette on his website as a selling point to his DJ services. There is some truth to this statement, and it shows in the influences on this EP: down-tempo, jazz, neo soul, and hip-hop all blend together smoothly and subtly to create a unique mix of soothing dance music.

Morrisette does not go for the typical beat-oriented robotic and cold DJ music style on this EP. Instead, he invites talented soul singers and rappers to contribute on this record to create a soulful, human, and introspective chillwave record that is reminiscent of early trip-hop.

There is great promise in this EP in terms of what seems to be Morrisette’s vision and how he wants it executed. If he creates a full-length album with the same frame of mind, the result should be pretty exciting.

“My collection and taste is extensive and I’m always on the hunt for the freshest tracks to add to the list,” Morrisette says on his website in reference to his DJ services. Let’s hope that he releases an album soon, and that some of the “freshest tracks” that he mentions are his own – cool original tracks by a really cool DJ.

Rating: B

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