Sol Invictus

Faith No More

Reclamation Recordings/Ipecac, 2015

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


As anyone who really knows me is aware, Faith No More has been my favorite band since I was at least seven years old. I can remember being absolutely crushed when they disbanded in 1998 and overjoyed when the reunion first happened in 2009. Now, eighteen years after the release of their last record, the band has returned to the record racks with one of the most dynamic and interesting albums of the year.

The first two tracks to have pierced listener’s ears, “Motherfucker” and “Superhero,” couldn’t be more different. The former is an experimental piece that serves as a great opener in their setlist. “Superhero,” however, has the explosive power of a great FNM single, circa 1992. Much of this album echoes the very diverse sound heard on their previous records, the standard the band always set for themselves. The main difference on this one is that they don’t rely too much on the past; they’ve managed to take their sound and bring it into the future while making it fresh and rewarding.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The band fires on all cylinders throughout, and it’s really great to hear Roddy Bottum’s keyboards back in the mix after being almost pushed aside toward the end of the band’s run. Hearing him compliment Patton on vocals on certain tracks just makes hardcore fans smile. Some of the poppier elements of the band’s songwriting come out on tracks like “Sunny Side Up” and guess what? These songs work as well as they would’ve twenty years ago.

As far as the highlights, besides “Superhero” as the main track, you’ve got “Cone Of Shame,” which has a great relaxed/atmospheric feel to it. There’s also “Black Friday,” which has some really great playing from guitarist Jon Hudson, and the slow-burner “Matador,” which is destined to be a concert favorite. Album finale “From The Dead” is another great slow song with some amazing vocals from Patton, and serves to wrap this album up in grand fashion.

In the end, if you come to this record expecting to hear another “Epic” or “Midlife Crisis,” then you’re going to be disappointed. However, if you’ve experienced the band in all of their power and love experimentation, then this will be the album for you! All the others should just go and listen to In This Moment instead.

Rating: A-

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