For All My Sisters

The Cribs

Arts & Crafts, 2015

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


On their sixth studio album, The Cribs have hooked up with producer Ric Ocasek (The Cars, Weezer, Possum Dixon) to craft a record that continues their career trajectory of great rock songs with amazing hooks.

Opening track, “Finally Free” is one of those songs that immediately sounds like classic, vintage Cribs with a harder edge to it. The first single, “Burning for No One,” has a hook that rocks the listener upon the first chance and deserves a chance to be heard on the radio. Being consummate songwriters, the Jarman brothers managed to craft an album of great songs and Ocasek’s production really brings out the songs’ many, many strengths.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Mr. Wrong” is a great track with some amazingly great musicianship from the brothers and even better vocals. “City Storms” is another great rocker that deserves a chance to be heard by the public at large. Too bad they don’t have those eye-catching iPod commercials anymore; this track would be perfect for one.

“Pacific Time” brings the tempo down a notch and the band doesn’t lose any intensity at all. This album really helps boost the band past the ‘young band’ image they’ve managed to obtain. They definitely earn the title of Most Underrated British Band Of The Last 15 Years. The intro to “Spring On Broadway” definitely perks the ears up with acoustic strumming that quickly kicks into loud drums and heavy guitars. I’ve been familiar with the band for some time now but had lost track of their trajectory. Upon listening to this record, I was kicking myself for missing out on so much from the last couple of years.

The lengthy finale, “Pink Snow” builds upon its intro and droning lyrics into a pretty impressive track. Concluding with a damn fine jam that really shows what type of musicians these guys are.

Though it’s early in the year, this is definitely a contender for a top 10 record of the year. This is without a doubt, a record worth checking out.

Rating: B

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