High Plus Tight


Independent release, 2015


REVIEW BY: Vish Iyer


High Plus Tight is more an album from Moritat’s past than from their present because the songs on this EP are actually based on demos from the band’s early days that the band happened to find on a CD-R hidden under the carpet in their home studio. Now, if you are familiar with the band’s full-length debut my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Clill Blanzin, you would agree that this is a bunch of fastidious musicians wanting to make unique and sophisticated music with a sense of absolute perfection.

An album like Clill Blanzin does not happen without some serious honing of music playing and songwriting skills. So, for a bunch of songs that was presumably written before the band was so good at its craft, does High Plus Tight hold up to the standards that Moritat has set for themselves? It certainly does.

High Plus Tight does not sound as ambitious as Clill Blanzin, but one shouldn’t expect it to be so given the origin of its songs. This EP is a cross between the band’s first EP One Minute Fade and Clill Blanzin, with the simplicity of the former and the musical elegance of the latter.

One doesn’t know what to expect from a Moritat album, and High Plus Tight is no exception. Songs like “Lond” and “The Lips” are trippy and experimental and have a very stripped-down sound, resembling One Minute Fade. The retro-influenced psychedelic electropop of “Starry B,” “We’d,” “Visits,” and “Glass Door” are much more refined and bear greater resemblance to the musical style and production values of Clill Blanzin.

It is always good news when a band like Moritat comes up with new stuff. Still, there is no doubt that High Plus Tight would have been much more exciting if it was a full album, based on new material. Nevertheless, we will gladly accept what we have…but only if Moritat promises to release an album of brand new songs really, really soon.

Rating: B+

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