A Million Billion Dying Suns

A Million Billion Dying Suns

Bugs On Balloons, 2014


REVIEW BY: Vish Iyer


The only thing that A Million Billion Dying Suns (AMBDS) doesn’t offer with this release is an actual fuzzy pet. Apart from that, AMBDS satisfies all of your need for fuzz. The band has taken influences from all music involving noisy psychedelic guitars that has come out in the past four decades, and has condensed them into 34 minutes of pure jarring pleasure. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 AMBDS is full of piercing and messy guitars that swirl and slosh like waves – pleasant and unpleasant – in your ears.

This San Francisco-based outfit (fronted by guitarist and principal songwriter Nate Mercereau) has a certain way of depicting its fuzzy guitar music. The band has a laidback psychedelic Pink Floyd-esque style: imagine Pink Floyd having a baby with The Jesus and Mary Chain. But what’s actually so special about this sound is that the whole album is dominated by dreamy guitar solos. Now, these guitar pieces are not nearly as grand and spectacular as Pink Floyd’s, but good enough for the three-odd minutes of a modest AMBDS song. However, what’s truly unique and commendable is the fact that there is even a presence of guitar solos in an indie record of this type, considering that today’s indie music doesn’t rely much on any sort of serious musicianship.

The band does a great job mixing the worlds of straight up sixties rock and etherea. Songs like “Messenger” and “So High” seem like Washed Out interpreting rock and roll. “Real Life” and “Give It All Away” have the Shed Seven/Ride Rolling Stones meets fuzzy guitars vibe. “Woke Up Floating” is like punk rock comingling with shoegazer. “Promised Land” has a raw and grimy “The Black Keys” sort of musical sensibility, but the vocals, with their shoegazing style, totally contrast the music. “Afterall” is all melodic and dream pop, but with contradicting bluesy guitar solos nestled in its midst.

AMBDS is a pretty good album. But that’s not the point. This album is more about the experience; and the experience is certain to leave your ears ringing and your head disoriented… Go ahead and enjoy!

Rating: B+

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