The Whole Night Thru

Sam Llanas

Llanas Music, 2014

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


On the third solo album by former BoDeans frontman Sam Llanas, he continues in a style that is very natural for him and he succeeds at most everything he tries. Kicking things off with “Deja Vú,” a slow burner of a rock track, is the perfect way to tell the world that he is free from his old band. But his vocals are such a definitive part of that band, it’s impossible to completely break free and that’s something he’s fine with. On tracks like this, his vocals are crystal clear and very suited to each individual song. Damn fine way to start this record off.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Cold N’ Clean” is one of those songs that sounds like an old school BoDeans track from the ‘80s, which is a great thing. The lyrics showcase Llanas’ immense songwriting talents. Crisp production is present all throughout the record. “Everywhere But Here” is a strong example, with some amazing vocals and Llanas’s band sounding really cohesive. Unfortunately, there are some unnecessary detours present as well, including “I’m Still Alive,” an acoustic number that probably could’ve benefitted from being plugged in.

One of the best tracks here is “The Best I Can,” an anthemic rocker that should be remembered as one of Llanas’ best songs, ever. The magnitude of how excellent this song cannot be measured in words; it truly has to be heard in order to be fully appreciated.

At thirty-four minutes long, the disc does feel a little brief, but that’s a minor complaint. With track like “To Where You Go,” Llanas is more than forgiven for the small amount of songs here. This cut has the feel of one of those slow burning BoDeans songs that the band was known for. He may have left the BoDeans several years ago, but it’s clear that Llanas has got a great future ahead of him. With material like this and a band that hopefully won’t need to be constantly replaced, he should feel secure about what’s ahead of him.

Physical copies of the CD can be ordered from Llanas’ website.

Rating: B

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