Enduring Days You Will Overcome

Electric Litany

Inner Ear Records, 2014


REVIEW BY: Vish Iyer


Electric Litany: if ever there was a list of pretentious band names, this would definitely make it, somewhere on the top half of the list. The name of the album, Enduring Days You Will Overcome, along with the cover (an extremely beautiful, albeit totally mysterious scene, with what looks like the planet Jupiter looming ominously over an idyllic Mediterranean street) both seem to convey a deep meaning that is meant only for listeners of a certain kind, i.e., the hoity-toity prog rock types. Add to this the name Alan Parsons and you have a complete package of music that’s strictly meant for consumption by the snobbish, people who like their music heady and challenging.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Despite having Alan Parsons as a producer in the credits and the album’s strong prog rock influence, Enduring Days isn’t that difficult so as to be palatable only to the taste of the prog aficionado. Electric Litany is more Radiohead than Rush. The music is not about the musicianship, but about the sonic atmosphere it creates. Enduring Days is dark and mopey. It sounds like a mixture of neo-prog and post-punk: think Radiohead meets Interpol. Singer Alexandros Miaris’ vocals have the characteristics of both Thom Yorke’s falsetto and Paul Banks’ baritone styles. His singing is very unique, and has a soothing Gregorian chant-like feel, which sounds pretty cool and apt for the band’s haunting music.

While most music on this sophomore effort by this British/Greek act is carved by more contemporary influences, there is a throwback to classic prog-rock, be it the robotic vocal effects or retro synthesizer sounds. Overall, Enduring Days is a somewhat musically complex album, as it really doesn’t offer instantly catchy numbers in plentitude. But its complicated musical ideas are beautiful, and they are presented with the most exquisite production quality. Yes, Enduring Days is a tad pretentious, but this is what music needs to be sometimes if it is going to be this good.

Rating: A-

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