Modern Sounds In Science Fiction


Safety Meeting Records, 2013

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


To note that this is the final album from Brad Amorosino's project Titles probably doesn't mean much to most people. Even within the largely under the radar scene of indie rock, Titles isn't exactly a name that's too familiar. Despite the lack of notoriety, much great music has been spawned from Titles, and this exiting album is among their finest. Recorded in San Francisco by Amorosino then sent back to his New England home for the rest of the band to tinker with and tweak, my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Modern Sounds In Science Fiction sounds a lot like its title: contemporary experimental indie pop that's moody and contains lyrical topics that can be as random as aliens.

Immediately, one realizes that Modern Sounds In Science Fiction benefits much from space and restraint. Tracks like the mesmerizing opener "Carousel" sound space-y and even discuss being lost in space, while the jangly, wandering instrumentation is punctuated by organs. "Stone Boat" brings them into more atmospheric areas with lush synth work and a haunting backdrop, while "Starry Night" spends more time with fuzzy guitar work. Often finding itself broaching droning, post-punk status, "Nothing" gets noisey and hypnotic and the repetitive keys are difficult to rid off your mind.

There is a very limited run of this disc on vinyl. However, I suspect Titles will be one of those bands who will be far more appreciated as time goes on, and eventually their discography will be resurrected after new fans clamor to hear these songs again. You may as well give up on trying to decipher if Titles are a pop, psyche, garage or art-punk band, cause even after the multiple listens that are necessary for this one to sink in, it's still unclear. Though this was home recorded by Amorosino and certainly does at times draw comparisons to bedroom-pop, that alone doesn't encapsulate the interesting and addictive sounds that Titles produces here.

Rating: B+

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