When It Was Now

Atlas Genius

Warner Bros., 2013


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


In the digital age when record labels don't exactly yield the same amount of influence of yesteryear and the FM dial doesn't necessarily dictate what is and isn't popular, there still are bands who come up the 'old fashioned' way via major label interest, MTV rotation, and even radio play (though Sirius radio these days). The Australian duo of Atlas Genius is one of these bands: Keith Jeffrey (vocals, guitars) and Michael Jeffrey (drums) quickly sparked interest after their single “Trojans” charted in the States and the UK, garnering an endless list of internet praise along the way. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

A solid EP in 2012 (Through The Glass) solidified the band as more than a one hit wonder, and accordingly, their first album When It Was Now has landed with much anticipation. Heavy on the synth and equally heavy on the New Wave dance rock, Atlas Genius has one foot firmly planted in the '80s and the other right smack in the middle of modern day electro-rock.

The album opener “Electric” is placed in the right spot. The strongest track here, it's aptly titled with kinetic energy and an assault of hooks. Their Internet sensation “Trojans” is included, its '80s charged energy fitting in perfectly with the similar tracks included here. The band displays their stadium rock flair evenly, though “Through The Glass” tones things down a notch with a more acoustic based formula. Elsewhere, it's a party with the playful “All These Girls,” whose energy carries over to the modern rocker “On A Day.” Perfectly, the album closes with the cautious “Symptoms.”

If you're an admirer of Passion Pit, The Killers, Kings Of Leon, or MGMT, it would be a shame not to try Atlas Genius on for size. Even though their career was launched off the success of a single song, they deliver here with a batch of solid, memorable, and properly executed tracks.

Rating: B+

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