Head's Full Of Rust


Independent release, 2012


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


Not to be confused with the slow, sludge metal band Torche, Torches is a new Los Angeles outfit that plays spacey, dreamy, guitar-driven rock. It's the sort of music that mesmerizes and hypnotizes the listener with its surreal tones, driving energy, and catchy bass lines, and it will undoubtedly erase the obscurity the band currently reside in. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Heads Full Of Rust starts off with a roar and the rest of the first half of the disc moves at a quick pace. “I Want Something” shows the band at their most reckless; it’s a track with a chorus that demands to be shouted along to. By the time “Silver Haired Girl” comes around, Torches move at a slower pace. The songs focus more on the vocals as opposed to the guitars, and the gracefulness in this body of work becomes apparent. “Fancy Meats” is a perfect example of this, a song with a lot of beauty layered within an intricate template.

The musicianship here is really quite impressive. The progression in the title track “Heads Full Of Rust” is a stunning display, and more laid back tracks like “Dead Face” carry just as much impact, the gentle ebbs of melody finding a soothing texture. “Out Of The Desert” comes off as road trip anthem, a tune tailor made for watching an endless expanse at 60MPH.

Finding the elusive balance between power and melody, Torches has released an album of well-executed indie rock from a crunchy, wispy, atmospheric and sometimes surf-inspired standpoint. While it's certainly a complicated listen, it's never so meticulous that it becomes esoteric, and there's a lot of diversity running through these songs. A band that embraces the DIY philosophy completely, Torches are self-managed in addition to self-producing this album and even putting it out themselves. Hats tipped to a fantastic listen and a sign of a very luminous future.

Rating: B+

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