Future Sounds Of Buenos Aires

Various Artists

Waxxploitation/ZZK Records, 2012

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


A various artists compilation is always something I approach with caution. Too many times I’ve been lured in with the appearance of a few great bands only to find out the disc contains either poorly recorded live versions, B-sides that weren’t good enough for an album, or misguided cover songs. Of course, the compilation can also be a great way to be introduced to unfamiliar bands who could become favorites; it’s a way to test the waters of obscure names.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

A joint effort between Waxxploitation (a U.S. indie label) and ZZK Records (an imprint known for legions of great South American music), this offering proves that artists skilled with turntables, mixing boards, and electronic beats do exist In large amounts outside of the hipster circles of New York.

A collection of driving beats, fluttering synth, and folk-inspired dance music, this is the soundtrack to a wild night at the club where the energy never dies down.  Coming from the heavy hitters, Tremor’s “Malambo” is chocked full of bass synth, while Fauna’s “Hongo x Hongo” delivers a salsa beat.  However, “Senor Montercostez” by Mati Zundel has to be the highlight of this disc. His intricate songcraft is always so carefully calculated and this time, his sound incorporates some dub influence. Lesser known but equally stunning artists like Chancho Via Circuito, who bring unparalleled percussive skill to the table, and  El Super Guachin, who bring their 8 bit cumbia bass to the party, are showcased as well. Artists more known in their respective regions like Daleduro, La Yegros, and King Coya also toss in excellent vibes to the mix.

Inspired by classic rural South American styles and electronic futurism, this collection does a great job of paying homage to the roots of their music yet with a modern day feel of flourishing electronica. Though most of these tracks have been released before, there’s a good chance you never heard them anyway. This is great introduction to a handful of noteworthy artists from our neighbors to the South.

Rating: B

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