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REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


I like it when a band’s name gives you no indication as to what they will sound like. The time I saw Napalm Death play I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into just from their name. Same goes for Born Against. That’s not the case with UK rockers, Cable35, who have a moniker that could find itself applicable to any genre of music. I really had no idea what this was going to be. However, the album name does give you a forewarning here. This disc is loud. So loud, in fact, it’s spelled out in all capital letters – and for good reason.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

This debut LP follows a string of successful EPs from Cable35. The band takes on a sound that harkens back to the Seattle grunge scene circa 1991. I’m not talking about the commercial, watered-down grunge rock that made its way into every home during that time. I mean the real gritty, dirty, pulsating grunge rock that was only MTV friendly at 2 A.M.

LOUDER begins with “Cow Head,” a song that brings to mind the lesser-known Nirvana albums with tuneful screaming and some sludgy guitar work. “Factory Floor” continues on with the heaviness, with thick basslines and vocals that very nearly steer off course. “Boogie Man” pounds and throbs with its precise guitar work and soaring vocals – it’s probably the disc highlight, almost sounding like The Melvins flexing their muscles.

This isn’t all moody, bombastic guitar wailing, though. “Abducted” builds walls of sonic noise and “Crops” and “Harry” have some punk spirit disguised as quick-paced rockers. The disc ends on “Lost City (Pussy Version),” a sparse ballad that breaks away from the skull-rattling of the rest of the disc and offers a nice change of pace.

Amazing to think that only three people can make sounds this giant. If Cable35 had existed in the early ‘90s, there’s little doubt that Sub-Pop would be knocking on their door. This disc has a sound that is rarely explored anywhere these days, and usually not that well when it is. This is a great listen for those who want the fluff trimmed from their abrasive alt-rock.

Rating: B+

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