Better Days (EP)


Minty Fresh, 2011

REVIEW BY: Vish Iyer


Fonda is a shoegazer band from LA. Having mentioned that, the band’s story is one that is most bizarre. One of the two founding members (and the lead vocalist) is Emily Cook. She hails from England originally, and there couldn’t be a more authentic stamp of approval for shoegazer on Fonda’s songs than her accent. Cook also happens to be a writer for movies such as Gnomeo & Juliet and Ratatouille. Her partner and band co-founder David Klotz is the music editor for the television show Glee. Together, Cook and Klotz (performing as Fonda) had a song on the Spy Kids movie soundtrack: “Spy Kids (Save The World).”

Compared to the other accomplishments of Fonda’s core members, Fonda might be a teeny-weeny project. It doesn’t seem so in reality; at least on the six-track Better Days EP. The band performs more like budding musicians and less like fine folks with tentacles in Hollywood and new mom and dad. Better Days is as safe as a shoegazer album gets. The dense guitar layers, the pretty tunes, and the aural vocals are almost text-book in execution. The band might not sound terribly unique, but they sure hell sound wonderful on this opuscule collection of songs.

Better Days has the sunny California vibe that brings a lighthearted quality to its music, which is consistent with Fonda’s previous releases. But Better Days is the band’s most dense record. The guitars are fuller and chunkier, resulting in a clean and beautifully lush sound: This record is more Slowdive than, for example, My Bloody Valentine. “Better Days,” “A Love That Won’t Let You Go,” and “Summertime Fight” are decadently rich with guitar layers, incorporating background keyboard sounds for the extra lift. As is characteristic of Fonda’s sound, there is no psychedelia here; just tons of fun, with not a hint of moodiness in sight.

Rating: A-

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