Away From Reality (EP)


Bordeaux, 2007

REVIEW BY: Elizabeth Crowder


Sometimes music surprises me. There are certain artists and songs which I find so much more interesting than I expected, opening new doors to new favorites. Bordeaux was just such a pleasant surprise on its EP Away From Reality.

Veronika Panzic and Kristian Jones are Australian musicians who are doing what many others now do to gain notoriety and fans: posting music and information on the Internet. As their MySpace page  notes, "The delicate yet powerful vocals of Veronika combined with the intricate fretwork of Kristian produces a picture of emotion and honesty that keeps you wanting more." my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The opening track, "Follow," is spritely and upbeat without being obnoxious. This is a tough balance to strike, but the edge in Veronica Panzic's voice gives more depth to the music than the background vocals would indicate. She reminds me a little of Jewel without that weightless feel that Jewel's voice is known for. Panzic and Jones, with his guitar picking and strong lyrics, create quite a team.

I am also impressed at how their sound is almost country, especially on "Wake Up One Morning," where the acoustic guitar and drum matches the strength of Panzic's vocals. The lyrics are haunting with that hint of hope, especially in the line "When I find myself I will know it all / But its hard when all the work goes to waste."

Before you debate whether Bordeaux can handle an upbeat rock song, listen to "Away From Reality." While it seems Kristian prefers writing in a more laid back acoustic style, he proves that the upbeat and borderline rock licks on this cut are enough to give this band a broader appeal. In contrast, "Try," is an acoustic song which distinctly reminds me of Jewel's "You Were Meant For Me" in a very good way. I'm haunted by the words and how Panzic expresses not only the words but the heart behind the song.

The only downside to this EP is its brevity; four tracks is not enough. I look forward to hearing more from Bordeaux, hopefully in the form of a full-length album. Based on this one, it should be quite solid.

Rating: A-

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