Addictions Volume 1

Robert Palmer

Island Records, 1989

REVIEW BY: Alfredo Narvaez


Remember the Eighties?? Yeah, you do. Well, the reason why I bring this up is because of the many '80s artists that populated the airwaves, few were cooler than Robert Palmer. Hell, look around. He could most definitely hit it off in the revived swing scene of today. But hearing this album (the first of his greatest hits), you get to hear a wider range of sounds than just his hits.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Of course, everybody knows "Addicted To Love" and "Simply Irresistible." Monster hits they were back in the day--videos included. I mean, there ain't no way that these songs could not be here in this album and, more importantly, they should. Could you imagine not playing these songs? Not thinking of those gyrating girls left and right--to and fro?? (Yes, the male mind is full of lots of things--but right at the top is the quest for the opposite sex).

To that was added a remixed version of "Bad Case Of Lovin' You" and the quality of the remix shows. Whereas the original version had a guitar sound, here the guitar jumps and kicks. Furthermore, we have "Some Like It Hot" (his colaboration with the guys from Duran Duran) which is cool. "Some Guys Have All The Luck" which isn't nearly as famous as some of the other songs with the same title is also here and is a nice pop confection.

Now, if you like some world music, here you have "Pride," "Every Kinda People" and "Johnny And Mary." I don't. So I won't lie. Then there's also some songs that just don't hit any spot--"Sweet Lies," "Looking For Clues," and "What's It Take?" don't do jack squat for me. And "Style Kills"--while a nice concept and idea--moves at the speed of fudge. I mean, if you ever had an LP player, imagine setting a rock song at half-speed. That's what it feels like.

Overall, this album is a mixed affair. Yeah, you love "Addicted To Love" and "Simply Irressistible," but can't stand much of what's going on here. Oh well. (There's also a third "greatest hits" package for Mr. Palmer that includes a very cool cover of T. Rex's "Get It On"--try it just to get another cool song).

Rating: C-

User Rating: Not Yet Rated


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