David Mead

Tallulah, 2006


REVIEW BY: Jeff Clutterbuck


One of the strangest tracks The Beatles ever recorded was "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite." Imagine the weird vibe of that song running through an entire album, and you've got an idea of what Tangerine is like.

Tangerine runs the gamut in terms of style, though the closest comparison is probably Paul Simon, since the disc is eccentric just like some of Simon's work. Mead is a pretty close match for Simon's vocals as well; this is pop music, but with a edge.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The opening and title track sets the stage in gorgeous fashion. Nothing like an appearance by the glockenspiel, easily one of my favorite words to say, to draw the listener in, and violins, clavinet and a cello all make an appearance. The song is tantalizingly short, making the listener want to hear more.

"Hard To Remember" is what prompted the Beatles reference. The track captures a "circus" vibe without sounding hokey, and the percussion makes the song with its varied bangs and whistles. Things pick up with a minute left, when the track veers way off course and goes funk on the listener. It was at this point when I realized this was going to be an enjoyable record.

The fun moments on Tangerine come fast and furious. "Fighting For Your Life" begins with a few quirky guitar/ukulele arrangements before descending into sunny, 60s style pop. The chorus, bolstered by Mead's falsetto vocals, is absolutely infectious; I've been humming it for a while now. "Hallelujah, I Was Wrong" features a little jazz flute and could have been an AM hit in 1974.

While some tracks aren't as high quality as the ones I've mentioned, what keeps this album interesting is its sound. Those weaker tracks occupy the listener solely for their uniqueness. For example, the pseudo-barbershop "Reminded #1" sounds so different than anything else on Tangerine that it comes off as fresh and inventive.

Tangerine was a surprise; I did not come in expecting it to be this good. However, after giving it a few spins, I believe we have a frontrunner for indie record of the year.

Rating: A

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