The Kind

The Kind

Three-Sixty Records, 1982



"Chicago's own" : The Kind

Back in the early Eighties, a local band called The Kind was getting some heavy airplay with a song called "Loved By You," which has been one of my favorite songs ever since I heard it. Their debut album, The Kind, was recorded and mixed at Pumpkin Recording Studios, in Oak Lawn, Illinois. The album was mastered at Sterling Sound in New York. The band's label, Three-Sixty Records, was located in Morton Grove, Illinois.

In fact, this song was brought to my attention when the guitarist in a band I was in (back in 1985) took this song and wanted us to play it. Ever since, I've been fortunate in including this song in every band I have been with since.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

"When You Rock" is compared to two bands of the 1970s, The Status Quo and The Kinks. "Last Letter" has verses having a Knack sound, where the chorus and lead guitars pointing back to The Status Quo. "I've Been Around" has the style of Greg Kihn, where lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Frank Jalovec's singing has a slight resemblance to Kihn's. Another bouncy-Kihn-like song is "Total Insanity," where it has a 1980's pop sound. "Lose My Life" is harder-edged, where the guitars' rock beat is almost (not exactly) compared to heavy metal, such as Judas Priest.

"You Don't Love Me" and "Oh That Feelin'" are bass and guitars driven, and has a pop-80's sound, compared to another band, Off Broadway. The album ends with a remake of Diana Ross & The Supremes' "Stop! In The Name Of Love," which, like "Total Insanity," has the 1980s pop sound.

Many comparison bands of the late 70s, early 80s are found to define The Kind: The Status Quo, Off Broadway, The Romantics, to name a few. But to pinpoint their sound to the bands listed, it would have to be Off Broadway.

The Kind only released two albums (to my knowledge), and obviously, they're not available on CD. I searched heavily on the Internet, and found another band with The Kind name, but it wasn't the one that featured members Frank Jalovec, Frank Capek, Mark Gardner, and Frank Sberno. I even tried writing to Three-Sixty Records, with no response.

The Kind's music is enjoyable to listen to. The early 1980s sound of rock bands is easily showcased in their music. When Off Broadway's album was released a year or so ago, right away, I thought of The Kind, and how their music should be re-issued. But I guess The Kind's music didn't get enough exposure as other local bands. That's a shame; The Kind is an interesting band, and if they did get more recognition, they could of been one of many bands to add to the list of other pop/rock 1980s bands.


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I feel the same way , The Kind was a great band from Chicago ! I would kill for an MP3 of there first album . Loved by You was such a great song and I to have tryed to bring that song into my bands. If anyone could send me this album or direct me where I can get it on MP3 I would be forever in your debt. I would like to thank the original post for such detail about The Kind !

Thank You
I have the CD version of both Cd's if you are still interested. My brother in law was Frank Jalovec. Email me and I can send out a copy. It would be nice to see the band live on. Put "The Kind" in the title of the email.
Has anyone had any luck finding this on mp3 (who is willing to share)? I sent an e-mail to garth's address (above post) but have received no response. I've been looking for this for years, ever since my vinyl copy disappeared. Like most people who would remember the Kind, I really want the song Loved By You - but would be thrilled to have the whole album. I have searched online for ages and can't find it at all.

Thanks to Eric for the great review!
LOL Ok, nevermind. I got a response to my e-mail from "garth" within minutes of my previous post. Maybe he'll post info here - looks like the music may become available again in the (hopefully) near future!
So I'm not crazy? I thought I was the only one who remembered The Kind. Growing up in Chicago Heights, cruising around listening to The Loop and WMET, we cheered when local bands got airplay. I bought and still have The Kind's first album on vinyl at Hegewisch Records (the cutout bin, sadly). Time to fire up my turntable and transfer it to the digital age. "Loved By You" indeed...Thanks for the memories, guys!
Now...does anybody remember "Freewheelin'?" They played at our high school and at Great America, I think. Still have their album on vinyl too... LOL
wow, I can't believe I found others who remember The Kind, outside my friend who introduced me to them.
I love this album... I thought I remembered a second album, but I might be wrong. It was the '80s after all. :)
One thing about 360 Records, they were on Michigan Ave. in Chicago... their distributor, M.S. Distributors was in Morton Grove, IL.
I saw these guys play, some time in the early ‘80s, at Regina Dominican High School, of all places. It was wild, I’ll never forget it.
Anyhoo, I actually own two copies of this album, it's one of my most prized possessions. I managed to get it recorded into .mp3s and would be happy to send a CD to interested fellow Kind fans.
One thing… probably my fave song on the album, “I’ve Been Around” has a skip in the beginning. That’s what led me to search for a second copy of the album. I found the second copy on ebay, and would you f-ing believe it… the skip occurs in the EXACT same spot. I worked on it in Sound Forge to take the skip out, but it’s not perfect. So the .mp3 version has an obvious fix… the tempo stays relatively steady, but it could be better. I intend to work on it again.
Post again if you’re interested.
Hey Jim… does your version of the album skip during the song “I’ve Been Around”?
p.s. I don't remember Freewheelin, but I wish I did!
Could someone post the MP3s to And then post the URL here?


P.S. Jim Cerone: I grew up in Sauk Village listening to the Kind.
I'm so glad that I found this. Very few people remember them. I had a copy of this on vinyl as well and I bought it at Kroozin Music across from Bogan High School. From what I was told, the band members delivered the records themselves out of the trunk of their cars. I'd love to get a copy of this.
Hi everyone!! I too have been searching for the song, Loved by You from the Kind. I used to listen to a bar band named Dakota in Michigan City, In. I fell in love with the song, but have NEVER been able to get a copy. Does anyone know how to get it in an MP3 format? Thanks a million!!!!!
i lived in rockford il in the 80's and used to go see the band all the time they were awesome i have a napkin autographed by the band and a guitar pick that i have saved to this day. please let me know if anyone has a copy of this thanks
I have a copy of each of The Kinds two albums in great shape. I first heard of them from another great Chicago band "Scraps" who I knew. I had a band back at the same time called "Eveready & The Batterys" from Grand Rapids, MI and we played a few of the songs by The Kind also. Eveready got the chance to play in Chicago at Haywires in 1985 and Frank (the lead guitarist) came out to see us play some of his own songs. They were a great band and really deserved to get national airplay. I Got You & Last Letter were a couple of the songs that we used to play by them. We actually recorded both of those songs for a demo tape that we made in 1985.
Hey all, Eric E5s16 here... I transferred this vinyl to cd, but I don't recall having any skips when I made the conversion. I'm still trying to locate the Kind's 2nd LP. I did see it on ebay, but for (good lord), a ridiculously high price! I'll keep looking. Hopefully some day, both albums will be on cd legit, maybe even a 2 albums on 1 CD deal.
I worked at Naperville music as a teenager in the 80's with Mark Gardner the bass player. cool guy. I miss hearing that record. did anybody ever convert it to mp3 and post it up on rapidshare?
Has anyone been able to convert the 2 albums to mp3 files? I converted Pain and Pleasure, but it sounds very tinny.
i've only got the first one, and just digitized it tonight. forgot how good it was!
I lived about 50 miles west of peoria and used to hear loved by you on a station out of the quad cities! Its great to finally find some info about the kind because I wasn't even sure where they were from! I think I got the album at an old co-op records store. If anyone can get me the mp3 that would be fantastic!
Something made me think of The Kind tonight. I saw them in Champaign in the early 80's, fantastic. If someone has mp3's, I would love to know about how I can get them. I had both albums on vinyl, not sure if I still do, most of my records are in storage. Long live "The Kind."
For those looking for the LP, there is a copy up on ebay right now. Can anyone post Mp3s of this record? I'd love it for my ipod.
I have the entire 1st album in .mp3 form. Glad to help out any fans in need. Why this Band didn't go farther than they did is beyond reason. They Rocked!

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