Thin Lizzy

Vertigo Records, 1980



Thin Lizzy - a band you can never get tired of. After listening to their music (especially their most remembered album, 1976's Jailbreak), you can't help but want to hear more of their music.

Their 1983 album, Chinatown, shows how guitars rock, the way they ought to be. The guitarists for Thin Lizzy on this particular album are Scott Gorham and Snowy White. And let us not forget the unforgettable lyrics of their frontman bass player/lead singer, the late Phillip Lynott. Chinatown was recorded in Chinatown in London. Awesome is best to describe this album, with it's incredible artwork and always rocking style.

Leading off the album is "We Will Be Strong," that has strong guitar work and lyrics. The guitars are incredible in the title track, and if a rock band would want to include this song in their playlist (especially a Thin Lizzy tribute band), "Chinatown" would definitely be a challenge for their guitar players.nbtc__dv_250

"Sweetheart" continues the rocking a-blazing, where "Sugar Blues" has a great rhythm with both the bass and guitars, with a touch of drum solo riff. (Drums supplied by Brian Downey.) This song would be another challenge for an up-and-coming rock-and-roll band, and/or Thin Lizzy tribute band.

"Killer On The Loose" is a song that stands out in your mind as a contender for regular radio airplay. It's chorus has you chanting along with the band, "There's a Killer on the Loose again, there's a Killer on the Loose..." It also has some laughing sound effects, sounding like Satan.

"Having A Good Time" would have been another song for regular radio airplay; it's not as hard rocking as the previous songs heard, yet it's not a slow number either. Again, it demonstrates good use of guitars and solos.

"Genocide (The Killing of the Buffalo)" picks up the rocking rhythms again, "Didn't I" slows down the pace, showcasing Phillip Lynott's soulful voice, with the blending of the guitars makes this song a wonderful rock ballad. The album ends with the bass-catching tune, "Hey You," and like many songs heard on this album, is a another rocker.

There aren't any big hits in Thin Lizzy's Chinatown, yet they only had three songs in their career that everyone would remember right off the bat: "The Boys Are Back In Town," "Jailbreak," and "Dancing In The Moonlight." But that doesn't mean that their other albums should never have had big hits. They should have, because after hearing their other albums, it's amazing that Thin Lizzy didn't get regular exposure, other than on underground and AOR FM radio stations. Thin Lizzy's music should be heard and experienced. There will be some songs you will discover that you will want to play over and over again. (Especially for those who have their own radio stations, and/or pirate radio stations.)

Pick up any Thin Lizzy album, and you will not be disappointed. Chinatown is an album that definitely rocks, and if that's want you want to hear, hear you will.

Rating: A

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